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End User License Agreement

  1. 1. Definitions
    1. (1)"PRINCIPIA" means PRINCIPIA Limited.
    2. (2)"Software" means the Pthread Model Checker executable file and all of the files delivered with the executable file, including a library and model files.
    3. (3)"Customer" means an individual who uses the Software.
  2. 2.Permitted License Uses
  3. Customer is permitted to use the Software provided that Customer agrees to all of the terms of this license. The Software is permitted to be used and not to be given. PRINCIPIA keeps all rights of the Software except the rights which is explicitly permitted to Customer in this license.
  4. 3.Restrictions
    1. (1)Customer may not give, lend, sell the Software to a third party, and/or make the Software available over a network.
    2. (2)
    3. Customer may not use the Software with the License key which is granted to a third party.
    4. (3)
    5. Customer may not analyze and/or modify the Software.
    6. (4)
    7. Customer may not use and/or make any instrument which enables you to use the Software without the License key.
    8. (5)
    9. Customer may not use the Software for commercial purposes.
  5. 4.Disclaimer of Warranties
    1. (1)
    2. PRINCIPIA does not warrant that the Software has no defects, that the Software is error-free, and that the use of the Software does not give damage to a third party.
    3. (2)
    4. In no event shall PRINCIPIA be liable for any damage caused by the use of the Software.
  6. 5.Termination
    1. (1)
    2. PRINCIPIA may terminate the license if Customer violates the license.
    3. (2)
    4. Customer must cease all use of the Software and destroy all copies of the Software.
  7. 6.General
    1. (1)This license shall be governed by the laws of Japan.
    2. (2)
    3. The court with jurisdiction over the disputes related to the license shall be the Saitama District Court in Japan.