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SyncStitch: A Tool for Designing Concurrent Systems

Version History

Version 1.2.2  2015/09/04

  1. The current directory is changed when opening a model file on the file dialog.
  2. Drag and Drop is supported.

Version 1.2.1  2015/08/18

The bug that the quotations in front of expressions are ignored when evaluating is fixed.

Version 1.2.0  2015/04/18

Part of SyncStitch appearances can be customized using a setting file. Please see the reference manual.

Version 1.1.2  2014/12/14

A bug related to deadlock checking is fixed. There was a case in which assertion-violation could happen when deadlock checking was performed.

Version 1.1.1  2013/09/04

A bug related to deadlock checking is fixed.

When a process has only receiving through channels as transitions and all of the guards of the transitions are false, the process is deadlocked. However there was a case in which SyncStitch reported there is no deadlock when deadlock checks are performed for such a process. This bug is fixed.

Version 1.1.0  2013/08/26

Alphabetized Parallel composition operators 'apar' and 'xapar' are supported.

Version 1.0.0  2013/07/23

The first release